BIA Education

Module 1:

How the body adapts to health or disease

Module 2:

How body composition is measured and why RJL is the best!

Module 3:

How does BIA work?

Module 4:

How to get the best results

Module 5:

RJL BIA software customized for you

Module 6:

How to assess the premier athlete to the chronically ill

Module 7:

Fluid shifts and how to customize patient protocols

Module 8:

Quickly, accurately and cost effectively measure aging in your patients

Module 9:

BMI and how it relates to obesity

Module 10:

Body Fat % and why low body fat can be bad

Module 11:

Fat free mass, why your scale won’t help you

Module 12:

BMR, DEE and how to find your patient’s ideal caloric needs

Module 13:

Fat Mass, The Law of Thermodynamics and customized weight loss

Module 14:

Video Demo of the diet and weight loss tab

Module 15:

Cause and effect of sugar

Module 16:

Cellular injury and how it affects BIA testing

Module 17:

Measure, monitor and manage stress using the RJL BIA

Module 18:

Develop customized programs for your patients

Module 19:

How to choose the right nutritional plan


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Dr. Ryan Bentley

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